Chair Yoga

Every month, we present a Chair Yoga class. This is a time to relax, turn within and connect with the spirit of the divine that is within you. It is another way to realize your oneness with your Higher Power as you include focused breathing and physical movement in your practice. This class is conducted the third Sunday of the month, at 12:45 PM, in the sanctuary. There is no fee and it is open to everyone.

Women of Distinction

Every month, the women meet and discuss issues and topics that they are particularly interested in. Sometimes it is related to the sermon for that day and other times it is based on the experiences that individual members are confronted with in their daily lives. There is open dialogue and communication and each participant is able to share in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. The women also plan trips to the theater or other social events. The group meets the fourth Sunday of the month, at 12:45 PM, in the sanctuary and is open to all women.